About Us

About us


The Mapúa Alumni Association, Alberta Chapter, is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplined assembly of engineers, architects, programmers, project managers and designers with varying years of experience in their field of expertise. While the majority is employed in the oil and gas industry, a few is in the service sectors that are oil and gas industry-related.

Many of the members who came to Calgary in the late sixties and early seventies are now close to retirement while others who have immigrated to Calgary a few years back are just starting to get their career on track. This makes the mixture in the association membership interesting in that the young members look upon the senior ones as their elders. It is not uncommon to hear "Ka Pepe", "Ka Roger", "Ka Tony" or "Tito Ed" (punctuated at times with "sir") during the course of a conversation.

This makes the senior members shudder with amazement because they are not accustomed to hearing this salutation of respect from the locals.



Time and again, we hear people asking what the Mapúa Alumni Association stands for, what its objectives are and why it is having a fund raising program. We dare say, that first and foremost, it is a social organization whose main objective is to maintain friendship and goodwill among the Mapúa alumni in Calgary. It is also a professional club whose spirit is attuned to the betterment of its members’ career.  MAAAC wishes to accomplish that interested members get the professional engineering status recognition from the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGA). This is not a far-fetched dream considering that the Association has the facilities, materials, and human resources to back up this ambitious initiative.

Lastly, the Mapúa Alumni Association has included in its mission statement a declaration that supports fund raising events with proceeds going to the financially handicapped but deserving students of the Mapúa Institute of Technology.

The association's headquarter is located at Solid Industries in Calgary, Alberta.  Solid Industries, as many people in Calgary know, is owned and operated by our very own Ben and Lourdes Ang.