Membership benefits and privileges

Benefits of Membership:

1. Re-tool, or share an expertise. Attend a technical refresher course. Serve as facilitator, and if lucky, get credited for professional development hours.

2. Support a scholar. Assist in the many year-round fund-raising events. Help evaluate the next recipient. Coordinate with the MIT campus on selection.

3. Go global. Travel as a group to many school venues like the MapúaWorld. Get chapter endorsement, and apply for the TOM awards. Link person-to-person with NAMA Philippines and all NAMA overseas chapters.

4. Network for a job. Obtain valuable tips from those who’ve been there. Focus on an engineering practice of your dreams. Share a job posting before it hits the Saturday paper. Help a newcomer Mapuan land his/her first Canadian job.

5. Re-live the campus life. Reconnect with the Alma Mater. Share anecdotes of your dreaded professor, or that Physics III that wont go away. Ease up in obtaining school records or other certificates.

6. Involve yourself in community. Volunteer with several affiliated Filipino organizations and local-based assistance groups. Share that secret-recipe dish. Bring the family for an in-the-park barbecue.

7. Meet other Mapuans. Open your home to a visiting student or fellow alumni. Join spouses and children in year-round celebrations, awards and social gatherings. Brainstorm on innovative kid’s games.

8. Have fun. Golf with the pros, even with a big handicap. Day-hike and relish the great outdoors. Enjoy a match of tennis. Learn to play poker the Vegas way. Sing, dance, or crack a joke – even boring. Most of all, immerse yourself with a great team.

Membership Cost:

Lifetime Membership - $50